Business and Government

  • book under contract: Advanced Introduction to Business and Government, Edward Elgar Publishing (with David Coen)

  • book under contract: Business and Government Relations in the European Union, Oxford University Press (with David Coen and Alex Katsaitis)​
  • 2019: Where Are the Revolving Doors in Brussels? Sector Switching and Career Progression in Companies’ EU Business-government Affairs, American Review of Public Administration (with David Coen)

  • 2018: The Strategic Management Of Government Affairs In Brussels, with David Coen, Business and Society 

  • 2017: Studying Preference Attainment Using Spatial Models, European Political Science, 16(3): 369-382

  • 2016: Sliding Doors In Brussels: A Career Path Analysis Of EU Affairs Managers, European Journal of Political Research, 55(4):811-826 (with David Coen) 

  • 2015: Explaining the Variation in the Europeanization of Business: an Institutionalist Theory, Journal of European Public Policy, 22(10): 1467-1488​

  • 2015: The (Un)Heavenly Chorus in British Politics: Bringing the What, the When and the How Questions into the Analysis of Interest Group Influence, British Politics, 10(3): 378-388

  • 2015: What are Case Studies Good for? Nesting Comparative Case Study Research into the Lakatosian Research Program, Cross-cultural Research, 49(4): 331-357
  • 2013: The Determinants of Direct Corporate Lobbying in the EU: A Multi-Dimensional Proxy of Corporate Lobbying, Interest Groups and Advocacy, 2(1): 71-90

Legislation and Computational Linguistics

  • 2020: Measuring Discretion and Delegation in Legislative Texts: Methods and Application to U.S. States, with Elliott Ash and Massimo Morelli, Political Analysis [first author] (see online version)

  • under review: Divided Government, Delegation, and Civil Service Reform, with Elliott Ash and Massimo Morelli, Political Science Research and Methods (see CEPR Discussion Paper)

  • working progress: More Laws, More Growth? Theory and Evidence from U.S. States (see online version)

Public Policy, Experimental Research and Text Mining

  • 2019: Legislative Activity and Private Benefits: A Natural Experiment in New Zealand, Political Science Research and Methods (with Massimo Morelli and Moritz Osnabruegge)

  • 2018: A Behavioural Theory Of Policy Feedback In Tobacco Control: Evidence From A Difference-In-Difference-In-Difference Study, Policy Studies Journal

  • 2018: A Comparative Test of the Punctuated Equilibrium Theory: Policy Punctuations in Tobacco Control,, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice

  • 2018: Using Sequence Analysis to Understand Career Progression: an Application to the UK House of Commons, The Political Methodologist (with Peter John) 

  • 2018: How Best to Open up Local Democracy? A Randomised Experiment to Encourage Contested Elections and Greater Representativeness in English Parish Councils, Local Government Studies (with Matt Ryan, Gerry Stoker, Peter John, Alice Moseley, Oliver James, Liz Richardson)

  • 2017: Transparency at the Parish Pump: A Field Experiment to Measure the Effectiveness of Freedom of Information Requests in England, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 27(3):485-500 (with Ben Worthy and Peter John)

  • under review: Self-reported access to health care, communicable diseases, violence and perception of legal status among online transgender identifying sex workers in the UK, with Sarah Steele, Victoria Taylor, Eduardo Hernandez-Salazar, Martin McKee, Andrew Amato-Gauci, David Stuckler, Jan C. Semenza, Journal of Public Health

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