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Business and Government

  • under review: Making Supply Meet Demand: Gender Representation and Lobbying, British Journal of Political Science (with David Coen and Alex Katsaitis)

  • book under contract: Advanced Introduction to Business and Government, Edward Elgar Publishing (with David Coen)

  • 2023: Regulating Government Affairs in the 21 st Century: Integrating Lobbying Research & Policy Concerns, Regulation and Governance (with David Coen and Alex Katsaitis)

  • 2021: Business Lobbying in the European Union, Oxford University Press (with David Coen and Alex Katsaitis)​
  • 2019: Where Are the Revolving Doors in Brussels? Sector Switching and Career Progression in Companies’ EU Business-government Affairs, American Review of Public Administration (with David Coen)

  • 2018: The Strategic Management Of Government Affairs In Brussels, with David Coen, Business and Society 

  • 2017: Studying Preference Attainment Using Spatial Models, European Political Science, 16(3): 369-382

  • 2016: Sliding Doors In Brussels: A Career Path Analysis Of EU Affairs Managers, European Journal of Political Research, 55(4):811-826 (with David Coen) 

  • 2015: Explaining the Variation in the Europeanization of Business: an Institutionalist Theory, Journal of European Public Policy, 22(10): 1467-1488​

  • 2015: The (Un)Heavenly Chorus in British Politics: Bringing the What, the When and the How Questions into the Analysis of Interest Group Influence, British Politics, 10(3): 378-388

  • 2015: What are Case Studies Good for? Nesting Comparative Case Study Research into the Lakatosian Research Program, Cross-cultural Research, 49(4): 331-357
  • 2013: The Determinants of Direct Corporate Lobbying in the EU: A Multi-Dimensional Proxy of Corporate Lobbying, Interest Groups and Advocacy, 2(1): 71-90

Bureaucracy, Delegation and Legislative Complexity

  • under review: Quality of Legislation and Compliance, Political Science Research and Methods (with Moritz Osnabrugge)

  • R&R: More Laws, More Growth? Theory and Evidence from U.S. States,  Journal of Political Economy (see CEPR Discussion Paper) (with Elliott Ash and Massimo Morelli)

  • 2023: A Costly Commitment: Populism, Government Performance, and the Quality of Bureaucracy, American Journal of Political Science (see CEPR Discussion Paper) (see new version) (with Luca Bellodi and Massimo Morelli)

  • 2021: A Political Economy Approach to the Grammar of Institutions: Theory and Methods, Policy Studies Journal

  • 2020: Measuring Discretion and Delegation in Legislative Texts: Methods and Application to U.S. States, Political Analysis (see online version) (with Elliott Ash and Massimo Morelli)

  • 2020: Divided Government, Delegation, and Civil Service Reform, Political Science Research and Methods (see CEPR Discussion Paper) (with Elliott Ash and Massimo Morelli)

Policy Evaluation and Data Science

  • 2022: The United Nations’ School Meals for All by 2030: Caregiver perceptions of England’s universal infant school meal provision during the COVID-19 pandemic, Journal of Public Health Policy (with Sarah Steele and Emyr Davies)

  • 2020: Using volunteered geographic information to assess mobility in the COVID-19 pandemic context: cross-city time series analysis of 41 cities in 22 countries from March 2nd to 26th 2020, Globalization and Health (with Martin McKee, Andrew Amato-Gauci, David Stuckler, Jan C. Semenza)

  • 2020: Self-reported Access to Health Care, Communicable Diseases, Violence and Perception of Legal Status among Online Transgender Identifying Sex Workers in the UK, Public Health (with Sarah Steele, Victoria Taylor, Eduardo Hernandez-Salazar, Martin McKee, Andrew Amato-Gauci, David Stuckler, Jan C. Semenza)

  • 2019: Legislative Activity and Private Benefits: A Natural Experiment in New Zealand, Political Science Research and Methods (with Massimo Morelli and Moritz Osnabruegge)

  • 2018: A Behavioural Theory Of Policy Feedback In Tobacco Control: Evidence From A Difference-In-Difference-In-Difference Study, Policy Studies Journal

  • 2018: A Comparative Test of the Punctuated Equilibrium Theory: Policy Punctuations in Tobacco Control, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis: Research and Practice

  • 2018: Using Sequence Analysis to Understand Career Progression: an Application to the UK House of Commons, The Political Methodologist (with Peter John) 

  • 2018: How Best to Open up Local Democracy? A Randomised Experiment to Encourage Contested Elections and Greater Representativeness in English Parish Councils, Local Government Studies (with Matt Ryan, Gerry Stoker, Peter John, Alice Moseley, Oliver James, Liz Richardson)

  • 2017: Transparency at the Parish Pump: A Field Experiment to Measure the Effectiveness of Freedom of Information Requests in England, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 27(3):485-500 (with Ben Worthy and Peter John)

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